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CCTV new site

2018-09-29 179

Our company provides high-quality steel doors and windows for the new CCTV site, including 42F long office hardcover area. The product includes the soundproof door of the studio, the interior and exterior color separation steel doors, the marble-finished steel doors, the rust-cored steel doors, and the stainless steel free doors.

The externally-finished steel door involved in the design and development has become an externally-finished steel door that has been designed and developed by other landmarks in the CBD area of Beijing. It has become another landmark in the CBD area of Beijing.

Engineering product display

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CCTV steel soundproof door


Product description:

1. CCTV needs to use a large number of high-quality soundproof doors to ensure the quietness of the recording environment.

2. The sound insulation grade of the supporting steel soundproof door is four, and the sound insulation index is 35dB≤Rw≤40 dB.


1. In order to meet the requirements of sound insulation, the soundproof door is specially designed with a double-layered 8-sided sealing structure;

2. The soundproof door adopts Japan Tiandi rod type imported sealing lock, which tightly buckles the compression space on the door frame;

3. Since the PVC sealing strip contains halogen and the stabilizer contains heavy metals, the PVC sealing strip is not environmentally friendly. The factory uses thermoplastic EPDM rubber seals, which are characterized by green environmental protection, high expansion strength, corrosion resistance and aging.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CCTV stainless steel free door


Product description:

The stainless steel free door is widely used in the kitchen of high-end restaurants because of its lightness, flexibility and cleanliness. The restaurant's kitchen is a place with high staff intensity. People, dining cars, and delivery vehicles frequently enter and exit, and the reliability of the free door is very high.


1. The product adopts food grade stainless steel 316 material, which has the characteristics of safety and hygiene;

2. The door is filled with fireproof and moisture-proof aluminum honeycomb paper and pressed with fireproof glue;

3, indoor and outdoor with anti-collision rubber mat, beautiful and practical.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CCTV marble facing steel fire door


Product description:

Depending on the exterior wall of the first floor of the new site, 25mm yellow rock marble is attached. The designer requested that the fire door be subtly hidden in the wall according to the natural dividing line of the stone. We finally met the designer's requirements by installing special pendants on the door leaf and hanging 5+15 honeycomb composite marble finishes. This type of fire door with external facing is used for the first time in a large building. The door leaf and the whole wall are unified and harmonious, which is a design example of high-grade doors and windows.


1. The thickness of the door leaf is increased due to the external decoration of the door leaf, and the door leaf can be opened and closed normally only by increasing the door seam. The designer uses the eccentric shaft hinge and the partial special design method to ensure that the door gap is moderate and the normal opening and closing of the door leaf is ensured.

2, the use of special pendants not only avoid the use of environmentally friendly glue, but also facilitate the replacement of the finish later.