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Shanghai World Financial Center

2018-09-29 172

The project is a landmark building in Shanghai's Lujiazui financial district.

Throughout the construction of the project, our company has participated in the construction of hardcover hotel areas, conference areas, commercial areas and other important areas. Whether it is the products or services provided, it has become a recognized benchmark in the industry! Our excellent performance has been highly praised by the owners and obtained the permanent suppliers and maintenance providers of the project.

Engineering product display

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stainless steel veneered steel door


Product description:

1. Shanghai Global Hardcover District has a variety of decoration styles, which is also a trend gradually formed in the interior and interior of high-end buildings.                     

2. The finishes on the doors are mostly three-dimensional structures, which are very difficult in the design, production and construction process.


1. The steel door of the door body is sealed, and the steel keel and sealing strip are used to achieve a certain sound insulation effect.

2. The off-axis hinge has high load-bearing performance, convenient installation and adjustment, good concealment and easy maintenance.       

3, the decoration of the finish, the exchange method is simple, and the door leaf is very reliable and safe in the process of opening and closing.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steel insulated fire door


Product description:

1. This fire door is installed in conjunction with the fire shutter, which provides a life passage for the escaped person in a fire accident.

2, Shanghai Global Hardcover District has very high requirements for the appearance of fire doors, and needs to be unified with the surrounding wall and decorative panels. To this end, the company has applied for and obtained a fire door certificate with a coated color steel plate as a raw material.


1. The importance of fire doors as an important facility for partitioning open flames and smoke during fires has become increasingly clear.

2, the company's fire doors, in strict accordance with GB12955-2008 fire door GB, and obtained 3C certificate.

3. The fire door of the company covers three grades of Class A, B and C, which fully meets the requirements of customers.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Touch stainless steel automatic sliding door


Product description:

1. Large-scale office buildings and complexes have widely used stainless steel automatic sliding doors, which are characterized by convenience, safety, reliability, good weather resistance and long service life.

2. Most of the stainless steel automatic sliding doors used by Shanghai Global use super large insulating glass. Such requirements put forward high requirements on the fastness of the door and the strength of the hardware. 


1. Adopt imported sliding door motor, quiet and durable.

2. The V-shaped groove is used on the edge of the door to ensure the beautiful appearance of the door. The one-touch design keeps the corridor passage quiet, safe and private. At the same time, the stainless steel automatic sliding door can also adopt the inductive design to achieve the effect of approaching the automatic door opening.