One-stop service

One-stop service platform, façade integrated service provider

First, the design


◆Door and window and sheet metal design capabilities

Wuxi Maotai has more than 20 years of experience in the production of steel doors and windows and sheet metal processing.

After continuously participating in various projects at home and abroad, we have created an excellent design team and become an indispensable organizational force for the company.

Wuxi Maotai design team can not only design various design requirements in line with the owners and design institutes, but also can personally participate in the pre-design work of large-scale projects, bringing the cost, functionality and site management convenience to the owners. Great improvement.      


◆Design software

The company's construction drawings use genuine AutoCAD, and the surface analysis introduces a full set of Japanese Banking CAD and Banking CAM processing systems. It guarantees the feasibility and high precision from design to product landing.



◆Custom hinge (has obtained Chinese patent certificate)

The hinged door is made of custom-developed adjustable hinges. Through the use of the adjustment hinges, the door leaf and the door frame eliminate the adverse consequences caused by external factors such as wall and installation, and finally achieve high-quality use.





◆Anti-vibration door frame (has obtained Chinese patent certificate)

According to statistics, 28% of disasters in earthquake disasters are caused by the inability of the affected personnel to escape from the dangerous scene smoothly and quickly. Through the clever design method, the anti-vibration door frame can still open the door leaf and escape smoothly under the condition that the door frame is deformed by a strong external force and the door leaf is stuck.


◆Anti-pinch finger door frame

With the vigorous development of the real estate industry, more and more people have lived in the favorite commercial buildings, and people are increasingly demanding the safety and environmental protection of the living environment. In view of the phenomenon that the child's fingers are caught during the closing of the door leaf, our company specially designed the anti-pinch finger door frame. The side door hinges of the door frame will not pinch the fingers during the process of opening or closing the door, so as to avoid the accidental injury of young children and the elderly.



◆Threshold for older people

As the society ages, the public is paying more and more attention to the safety of the elderly at home. We have made changes to the design of the ordinary threshold. It not only ensures the sealing of the door frame, but also facilitates the normal entry and exit of the elderly. Even if the wheelchair is in and out, it is very convenient and safe.




Second, processing and production

1.Processing Equipment

The company has 15 sets of CNC large-scale processing equipment imported from Japan;

◆The equipment brands include Murata, Amada, Toyo Industrial Machinery, and Aizawa;

◆Large equipment includes shearing machine, punching machine, bending machine, laser cutting machine, router, aluminum alloy double-head cutting machine, etc.;

◆All large-scale equipment is entrusted to the manufacturer or professional organization for maintenance every year to ensure the good operation and processing accuracy of the equipment; 


2.Processing staff8.jpg

◆73% of front-line employees have 15 years of relevant industry experience, fully understand and master the company's product process, quality, accuracy requirements;



◆Internal knowledge training and assessment is conducted regularly for employees every year. Continuously improve the comprehensive capabilities of employees, and at the same time introduce more potential fresh blood to strengthen the talent team and ensure the sustainable development of the company; 

3.Processing details

◆The details of the product handling not only reflect the level of industrial manufacturing, but also reflect the confidence of the product and respect for the customer; 



◆Good hardware can also bring good user experience to customers; 


Third, the installation


Steel doors and windows are “three-point product seven-point installation”. The product installation is not only the final process before the product is delivered to the customer, but also an important step to continue the high quality of the product. 



        ◆  Professionally qualified installation team

        ◆  Rich on-site installation experience

        ◆  Sophisticated installation equipment

        ◆  Good on-site coordination

        ◆  Professional knowledge and self-security awareness

        ◆  Product protection awareness 

Fourth, after-sales service

◆The company promises to after-sales maintenance:


     Tell: 0510-83070158

     Fax: 0510-83079095

         (Complete project quotation and related consultation within 72 hours at the latest)


◆The company promises to after-sales maintenance:



     Tell: 0510-83070158

     Fax: 0510-83079095

     (Up to on-site repair within 72 hours at the latest)


◆The company promises to maintain after-sales:



     Tell: 0510-83070158

     Fax: 0510-83079095

     (At the latest, check the site and make a maintenance plan within 96 hours)